About Zambia

We recommend that anyone wishing to travel to Zambia obtain current travel information from their national Foreign Offices and Embassies for updated travel, health and safety information on Zambia before travel.


Zambia is located in the Northern part of the region referred to as Southern Africa and is comparatively large in size - about 750,000 km². Zambia has many National Parks and Game management areas that make up almost 50% of its total area.


The population of Zambia is roughly 10 million and about 10% of the people live in the country’s capital Lusaka. The official language in Zambia is English, the other main languages spoken are Tonga, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Bemba, Kaonde and Nyanja. The Zambian people are extremely friendly and treat visitors with warmth and hospitality.


For a more informative look at Zambia we recommend that you purchase The Bradt Travel Guide for ZAMBIA, written by Chris McIntyre.

To read the latest edition of this online, click here.

Click here for a detailed visitors attractions map of Zambia.      


About Lusaka


There are three main hotels in Lusaka:

  • INTER- CONTINENTAL HOTEL – Haile Selassie Av, Tel 250600 Fax 251880 – 200 rooms. (30 mins from airport)
  • HOLIDAY INN Tel 251666 Fax 253529 – 155 rooms.(30 mins from airport)
  • TAJ PAMODZI HOTEL Tel 254455 Fax 224005 – 204 rooms.(30 mins from airport)

Alternatively you might opt for one of the Private Game Park Lodges near Lusaka:

  • CHAMINUKA LODGE Tel: 233303 Fax: 2333305(1 hour from Lusaka airport) 8 twin rooms.
  • LILAYI LODGE Tel: 279022 Fax: 279026(1 hour from Lusaka airport) 12 rooms and 5 suites.



There are several main markets in Lusaka     

  • The New City Market along Lumumba Road
  • The Central Market on Chachacha Road and Kamwala market is off Independence Avenue.
  • Kabwata Market & Cultural Village on Burma Road
  • Arcades Market - every Sunday at Arcades Shopping Center car park
  • Saturday Market - last Saturday of every month at Dutch Reformed Church on Kabulonga Road


Like any market you must be vigilant and do not take valuables with you, these markets are relatively safe if you use common sense and always pay attention to your safety. Chiawa has a small shop with a selection of curios, which we sell on behalf of the local crafts people.

The people of Zambia are renowned for their welcoming nature and tolerance, however, they are conservative in many aspects, often favouring traditional customs and practices over what might be the norm in the developed world. The Laws of Zambia are explicit and should be followed at all times, and discretion should be practiced in the event of same sex couples.

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