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Chiawa Camp and Old Mondoro are most easily accessed by air, via Royal Airstrip and Jeki Airstrip respectively, from Lusaka (35 minutes), from Livingstone (90 minutes via Lusaka) and Mfuwe (90 minutes via Lusaka) in light aircraft. Proflight currently handles all domestic air travel within Zambia and offers cost effective and convenient flights around the country. Private aircraft are also available for hire on a charter basis from Proflight and other reputable Zambian charter companies.

Lusaka is easily accessed on the following flights from Johannesburg on South African Airways , Amsterdam on KLM , Dubai on Emirates , Nairobi on Kenya Airways and Windhoek on Air Namibia. Domestic departure tax is ZMW42, Domestic security tax is ZMW16 per passenger and Infrastructure & Development charge ZMW27 per passenger (figure on roughly US$1 : ZMW5). Please check with your agent or carrier to ensure these are included in your tickets, if not then you will need to pay at the desk at the relevant airports (Lusaka, Livingstone, Mfuwe)

Airfields of the Lower Zambezi
warning – please refer to official aviation sources for pilot information – this is for general reference only!

ROYAL: FLRZ, Elv 1243ft, Cord S15.43.37.0 E029.17.53.0, Runway 08/26 1700 x 30m TAR
JEKI: FLJK Elv 1200ft Cord S15.38.00.0 E029.36.00.0, Runway 06/24 800x20m gravel
KULEFU: FLKF Elv 1214ft Cord S15.36.46.0 E029.48.26.0, Runway 09/27 1000x30m gravel
KAYILA: FLFK Elv 1200ft S15.46.50.0 E029.11.34.0, Runway 04/22 1100x30m gravel

The following table provides an indication of surface transfer times within the Lower Zambezi however we recommend that for more up to date information relevant to your needs, you contact a reliable safari specialist or Chiawa Camp.



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