Welcome to Old Mondoro

"Mondoro"โ€“ Goba language for lion. The camp name honours a mythical white lion that used to prowl nearby โ€“ although "Old Mondoro" is long gone his descendants still roam the wilderness of the Lower Zambezi, wild and free.

Owned and operated by the Cumings family of Chiawa Camp, the concept of Old Mondoro is simple – to provide guests with an authentic, intimate Zambian safari that concentrates on the wildlife and bush experience, whilst not forgoing any creature comforts or service.

Whilst the luxuries and bush-sophistication of Chiawa Camp are undeniably appealing, guests will also enjoy the intimate, ‘back to the bush’ atmosphere of Old Mondoro โ€“ a unique example of Lower Zambezi National Park accommodation. As such, combining these two camps makes for the most rewarding visit to the Lower Zambezi.

That said, Old Mondoro is a destination in its own right that also offers some of the most prolific leopard sightings to be had in Africa – no one could want for more.

Old Mondoro epitomises the true African Bush Camp - we will certainly return to this little slice of Paradise

It is billed as a bush camp but make no mistake, this is a place of the ultimate luxury in today's world--the luxury of true peace and quiet (unless you call the sounds of nature inches from where you sleep noisy).

Anyone interested in a great safari experience should visit Old Mondoro - you won't be disappointed!

What an excellent experience! Living proof that a simple, deep bush safari can be delivered with great quality and style. Management was visible in every aspect of the camp.

This was our third trip to Old Mondoro. While we were there, almost all of the other guests were also repeat visitors. We stayed for five nights and would have loved to stay longer. All of the guests had been to Africa many times (10 times for us), and none of us can get enough of Old Mondoro.

Old Mondoro Camp

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