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With no fences anywhere in camp, the raw and remote Zambia safari lodge, Old Mondoro, is one of the last true bush camps and a mutual study in honouring boundaries. The wild animals that live here – waterbuck, baboons, buffalo, elephant, being the most common – occupy the space just as much as the camp and guests do.

Only 5 chalets occupy this Lower Zambezi bush camp, providing a remote and private atmosphere for each guest. Each chalet holds a romantically-netted king bed (or two large twins) with a view through the wide reed windows either directly onto the Zambezi river or the hyacinth-filled channel weaving through camp. An outdoor bath doubles as a plunge-pool (and occasional Elephant drinking hole) and an open-air shower allows one to revel under the stars each night.

A private deck provides additional seating for afternoon naps, getting lost in a book or just observing the movie-worthy backdrop of the mighty Zambezi or winterthorn trees across the channel, where an endless variety of Zambia wildlife can be seen weaving throughout the shade and cooling off in the water.

Meandering elephant walk in camp throughout the day, to slake their thirst from the channel (or your outdoor bath) or to pick fallen pods from the roof of your bush chalet. These unembellished encounters are what a true lower Zambezi safari experience and authentic Zambia safari lodge should be.

An open-sided sitenje (dining area) looks out across the full-bodied grey river – over snorting, sun-baking hippos, and elephant crossing between river islands – towards the far bank. There, you’ll find Zimbabwe.


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Why Zambia for a safari?

Many African safari destinations are overcrowded, where the experience is overpromised and underdelivered. A safari in Zambia is none of these things. Only declared as a national park in 1983, it previously served as the private park of the Zambian President. This private use kept the masses of tourists away from Zambia for far longer than many other African safari destinations. Long-standing ivory trade bans and anti-poaching teams have allowed for Zambian wildlife to flourish, leaving Zambia and its unfenced safari lodges open to a pristine and raw wilderness unlike any other in Africa.

Zambia is also one of the safest nations in Africa, as rated by the World Economic Forum (WEF), coming ahead of Botswana (84 of 141), South Africa (119 of 141) and Kenya (131 of 141) on the Safety & Security index. Rated at 68 of 141 nations, Zambia is just a few spots behind the United Kingdom (63 of 141) and travelers can rest easy with this knowledge.


Does Zambia have the Big 5?

Zambian wildlife does indeed include the Big 5, however as in many areas, rhino are increasingly rare and endangered. While you’ll only likely sight the prehistoric-looking rhino in Victoria Falls and North Luangwa, a safari in Zambia will absolutely not disappoint in wildlife encounters. At our Zambia safari lodges, Old Mondoro and Chiawa Camp, guests are guaranteed to see herds of elephant and buffalo and can expect to find lion as well as the elusive leopard with the gentler Chiawa practice of using red spotlights at night.

Beyond the Big 5, Zambia is home to a few rather uncommon species, including the Thornicroft giraffe and Crawshay zebra in South Luangwa. Head to the Zambezi river with your pole and cast out amongst swaths of hippo and crocodile to capture (and release) the sought-after Tigerfish.


How big is the Lower Zambezi National Park?

Located in southeastern Zambia, the Lower Zambezi National Park covers over 4,092 square kilometres. Given its history and lack of boundaries or fences, the Lower Zambezi escarpment is a true wildlife sanctuary rather than a park.

The camp was recommended to me by a woman has traveled to Zambia over 20 times and usually stays 3+ weeks at Old Mondoro each trip. We met a couple the first night who had come to Old Mondoro over ten times. I fully understand their desire to return year after year.

This camp is absolutely gorgeous. It perfectly ties luxury that fits into the bush.

To have elephants wandering past while sitting in the huge stone bath, then coming back to drink the water was the most incredible experience.

One of the best. What an excellent experience! Living proof that a simple, deep bush safari can be delivered with great quality and style.

Old Mondoro is a special place. That's why we have been there four times. We are not the only ones who think so because on several consecutive days while we were there, every guest was a repeat guest.

The biggest surprise was the wildlife activity in the lagoon right in front of our room.You could stay in your room and watch elephant, buffalo, impala, baboons...etc and beautiful birds all gather to drink and bathe.We are dreaming of returning soon!

Elephant Encounters at this Remote African Bush Camp

No fences at Old Mondoro allow for Elephants to roam naturally throughout the camp.


The Team at Old Mondoro has been carefully selected and...


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